Step 2: After breathing we go drinking

Water is the driving force of all nature ~~  Leonardo da Vinci

There is more to say about breathing and breath and air. For now what I have written is adequate. This blog is about not worrying about the perfect, instead we will work our way to being adequate and enjoy the journey.

Breathing gives us life, and water keeps us living. Water is what fills most of our physical form, and just like breathing it is vital that we drink. Breathing we do constantly – and we do it without thinking. Water requires us to be active and aware of our own body and our own needs.

When you are thirsty you drink. But when you are thirsty you have already gone too long without water. Take a second and focus on your inner body. Take some deep slow breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth. Close your eyes and listen to your body. Hear what it is saying: most of those noises inside you are the sound of liquid moving. Your blood flowing, saliva being swallowed, your digestion working inside you.

You are a walking stream. Living water in motion. Take a glass of cool water and look how clear it is. If you live in an area that treats its water with chemicals let it set for 15 minutes are so. Then smell it.  Not much of a smell. Taste it. Feel the coolness of the water as it sits in your mouth and slides down your throat into your belly. Sip some more until the glass is empty. There is no hurry – enjoy the fact you are breathing air and drinking water.

Drink another glass. Water for refreshment is best when it is around room temperature.  Every hour you should drink some water to keep your body in balance. There is no perfect amount you will know what feels adequate.

There is nothing complex to drinking water – except it doesn’t end with just drinking water. Since we are a living flowing pool of water that water must eventually flow back out. Just as it is in breathing that we can not be well if we hold our breath – we do not do well if we hold our water.  Water leaves our body with every breath; water leaves our body as we sweat; and water leaves our bodies as we excrete.  As the water leaves it takes with it the wastes of living.

The flow of water through our bodies cleanses. Think about what you are drinking and how that liquid merges with your blood, and cells. Whatever is in that water eventually reaches your brain, and in turn affects your mind and your mindfulness.

Here is your challenge for this week. Every time you have an opportunity to have a drink of water – take a drink of water. Sometimes you will want a coffee or a tea or even a sweet drink – and you should enjoy that drink as a flavour treat and an energy boost. Just remember what your body really wants and absolutely needs is pure plain water. Water a simple drink that is adequate for keeping us alive!

Česky: Pitná voda - kohoutek Español: Agua potable

Česky: Pitná voda – kohoutek Español: Agua potable (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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