Why Adequate?

ad·e·quate/ˈadikwit/Adjective: Satisfactory or acceptable in quality or quantity.
Synonyms: sufficient – enough – suitable – appropriate – fit

We live in a world that places high demands on each of us. We are driven to succeed, to be the best, to be a winner.

Except there is only ever one winner in any race. There is only one victor in any fight. There is only one champion in every tournament. We want perfection when we know we may very well fall short – and then we feel inadequate.

I think we need to change our mind-set. It is time to accept that you and I may not be crowned as victors or champions. What we can do is take pride in what we do. Take pride in how we struggle and move forward.

Instead of being disappointed that we are not number One – we all need to celebrate when we did are best and found we are adequate. I will never ever win the Boston Marathon – however I will finish the race. And that is also an accomplishment.

This blog is about being realistic and accepting ourselves as we are in reality. I am not saying we should not have goals, or that we should not always challenge ourselves to do better. We still need to try our best, and strive to motivate ourselves to new goals and opportunities.

What I do believe is that we need to stop aiming to be perfect and first get ourselves to being adequate.

Then we can see if perfection really matters.

quantum satis, ergo satis sum – “As much as is needed, hence I am satiated”


4 thoughts on “Why Adequate?

  1. boomiebol says:

    “I will never ever win the Boston Marathon – however I will finish the race. And that is also an accomplishment.”

    I LOVE this…its how i feel when i do races…i will do my best at my own pace, and be darn proud of it.


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