Start Your Life: Just Breathe

In the beginning was the word – and the word was adequate.

So how does one move from the path of seeking perfection to becoming adequate?

My own view is you are already there. You are adequate – you just have to accept that you are adequate. First you must BE.

The place to start your life is with a breath. We are first of all simply air. The first  action you took when you were born was to breathe. Every moment is another breath, and with your last breath all that is you will end.

Sit down. Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Feel the air enter your lungs. Hold it for a second or two. Let it flow out of your mouth in an easy relaxed exhalation. Let it all out until you think your lungs are empty, and then let out a little more. Feel the void, the space of the world around you.

Now inhale slowly through your nose. Slowly filling your lungs with clean fresh air. Hold it for just a moment, savour the life and energy flowing into you. And then exhale as before – slowly, relaxed through your mouth. Do this 3, 4, or how many times you feel like doing this.

Realize there is no perfection in breathing.

We simply breathe to live. Without adequate fresh air we atrophy, wither, die.

We can have all the food, water, money, whatever in the world – yet without air we end.

So go ahead be alive – and  just breathe.


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