Written for the Carpe Diem Prompt: Temple Kanjizai-ji

Spring breeze awakens
to play with cherry blossoms.
Where do flowers go?


Written for the Carpe Diem Prompt: Loneliness

In this empty house
I awaken to the rain.
Cold silence holds me.




Written for Haiku Spielen Inspiration (Join the haiku fun see below!)

Can you hear that sound
as each each new blossom unfurls?
First trumpet of Spring.

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This is the essence of finding a place we belong.
It is not winning – it is doing the best we can.

Originally posted on keithgarrettpoetry:


Not to climb the highest mountain but too climb many mountains as high as you can,

To win the marathon not as important as too finish many.

To sail around the world is great, too sail to places of dreams greater,

It’s not to sing the best song ever written but to write many good songs.

To work one hard day in your life is no accomplishment,

Too work hard everyday and give it your all is of greatness.

If to you having many friends is the greatest,

Then having one great friend is of value like no other.

If you can touch the world with many beautiful poems then that is beauty,

To hold on to only one of importance holds no treasure.

If you are of morality, if your word means something and your hand shake is strong

Then you are successful, if you are not a…

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I Adequate. Say it with me. Come on you can do it: “I Adequate!”

Life is a struggle at times. We are each parents, children, lovers, professionals, athletes, artists, thinkers, dreamers and so much more. We are complex and unknowable. And we feel like we are never good enough. We are taught from day one that we need to be the smartest, the fastest, the sexiest, the whatever mega-ist. And so we try and try and try and sometimes we really are. And isn’t that grand? There is no elation like success.

There is nothing that beats triumph.

And there is nothing as heart-rending as coming up short. Yet more often than not that is exactly what happens – we come up short.  And we then kick ourselves for not succeeding and make ourselves feel even worse. Or even better – someone near and dear to us points out why we failed. Ouch.

Well here is a little secret to make it all better. It isn’t going to make you the world champion. This secret isn’t going to make you win every race. In fact it isn’t even a secret. It is simply a change of attitude, and a change in what we think is success.

We live in a competitive society that measures ourselves against each other. Bobby is smarter than Robbie. Mary is prettier than Maria. Time to change the focus. Make yourself the measure of you. Stop wishing to be Bobby or Mary or whomever is the current measuring stick of the moment. Start being you and enjoying your own life.

So where do we start? Well ask yourself this: “Am I smart enough to live my own life?” The answer is of course “yes”. You are alive and you  have made it this far. You have overcome obstacles and challenges and learned lessons that no-one else will ever learn or experience in the same way as you. Your life-story is unique.

So start with this:

For every ailment under the sun
There is a remedy, or there is none;
If there be one, try to find it;
If there be none, never mind it.

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